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Current Projects

Goal or Objective by Department 2015 2016
Completion Quarter 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
General Government/City Clerk/Police/Fire    
Public Safety Tax for Increased Law Enforcement               X
Construction of Replacement Fire Station 1 Facility               X
Purchase of Replacement Fire Engine & Disposal of Existing Fire Engine           X    
Purchase of Replacement Hydraulic Extrication Tool (Jaws of Life) Set           X    
Add Fixed Point Automated License Plate Readers (ALPR) Locations throughout the City of Highland       X       X
Public Works/Engineering/Maintenance/Public Services    
Prepare a Comprehensive Update of the Development Impact Fee Program     X          
Complete Development of the 5th Street/Greenspot Road Widening Project between the SR-210 On and Off Ramp               X
Initiate Development of the Boulder Avenue/Orange Street widening Project between Greenspot Road and Pioneer Street               X
Complete Environmental and Design Phase of Base Line Bridge over City Creek               X
Determine Funding Level and Prioritize Project Locations for City-Wide Pavement Management Program   X            
Secure Environmental Permits for Maintenance of Drainage Channels           X    
Implement Strategies to Balance Street Lighting District Budget           X    
Implement Strategies to Balance Landscape Maintenance District Budget       X        
Complete Project Development to Improve Palm Avenue Around Historic District             X  
Complete Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Document for Base Line Interchange Improvements           X    
Complete Construction of 5th Street Storm Drain and Pavement Widening between Victoria Avenue and Palm Avenue           X    
Community Development/Code Enforcement/Planning    
Business Orientated Freeway Sign Program (Greenspot Village and Marketplace Specific Plan     X          
Convert Code Enforcement Files to Digital Format             X  
Demolition of single family residence owned by the Housing Authority (Central Avenue)     X          
Improve Accuracy of City GIS data profile       X        
Prepare an Implementation Plan for the Highland Housing Authority         X      
Convert Planning Division permit tracking system to IWORQ           X    
"Harmony" Specific Plan       X        
Re-evaluate the Business Park and Industrial Zoning District         X      
Review of the Residential Rental Enhancement Program   X            
Items Added by City Council    
Speaker System in Council Chambers   X            
Review Recycling Ordinance     X          
All Apartments/Rentals "Crime Free" required - Ordinance needed for Mandate     X          
Instruct the Street Naming Committee to name a street honoring Col. Paul Greene and to look at a policy for other eligiable candidates X              
Renew and Reconsider Sign on New Police Station X              

To download the above list in PDF format, as well as see a list of all projects presented to the City Council, please click here.