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Base Line Safety Improvement Project - Improved Traffic Flow - 11/29/16
Construction of Base Line from SR-210 to Boulder Avenue is near completion. The next major work involves pavement rehabilitation, which begins this week. Existing pavement grinding is scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday. A changeable message sign has been set on Base Line at SR-210 to alert motorists of the rough road and encourage the use of an alternative route. Asphalt paving is then scheduled for Thursday, which will provide a smooth surface for the majority of Base Line. Friday the contractor will prep the roadway for the overlay paving. Construction of rubber asphalt cap is set for Monday, December 5, 2016. The remaining items of work include adjustment of manholes, construction of in-pavement vehicle detection loops at Caltrans signal, traffic signal modifications at the intersection of Base Line and Seine Avenue, slurry seal and signing/striping. This project is anticipated to be completed by December 30, 2016.

Santa Ana Canyon Road Closure Notification - 11/22/16
There will be a continuous, full closure of Santa Ana Canyon Road between Aplin Street and North Fork Road for three weeks, beginning Monday, November 28th, at 8:30 a.m., and ending Friday, December 16th, at 4:00 p.m. This closure is required for construction of new street improvements for the Highland Hills Residential Subdivision. Road closure notification signs have been placed in advance of the scheduled street closure and detour signs will be placed to guide traffic around the 3-week road closure.

Attention San Bernardino County Property Owners: The property tax deadline, December 12, is almost here!

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Current Projects

Goal or Objective by Department 2015 2016
Completion Quarter 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
General Government/City Clerk/Police/Fire    
Public Safety Tax for Increased Law Enforcement               X
Construction of Replacement Fire Station 1 Facility               X
Purchase of Replacement Fire Engine & Disposal of Existing Fire Engine           X    
Purchase of Replacement Hydraulic Extrication Tool (Jaws of Life) Set           X    
Add Fixed Point Automated License Plate Readers (ALPR) Locations throughout the City of Highland       X       X
Public Works/Engineering/Maintenance/Public Services    
Prepare a Comprehensive Update of the Development Impact Fee Program     X          
Complete Development of the 5th Street/Greenspot Road Widening Project between the SR-210 On and Off Ramp               X
Initiate Development of the Boulder Avenue/Orange Street widening Project between Greenspot Road and Pioneer Street               X
Complete Environmental and Design Phase of Base Line Bridge over City Creek               X
Determine Funding Level and Prioritize Project Locations for City-Wide Pavement Management Program   X            
Secure Environmental Permits for Maintenance of Drainage Channels           X    
Implement Strategies to Balance Street Lighting District Budget           X    
Implement Strategies to Balance Landscape Maintenance District Budget       X        
Complete Project Development to Improve Palm Avenue Around Historic District             X  
Complete Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Document for Base Line Interchange Improvements           X    
Complete Construction of 5th Street Storm Drain and Pavement Widening between Victoria Avenue and Palm Avenue           X    
Community Development/Code Enforcement/Planning    
Business Orientated Freeway Sign Program (Greenspot Village and Marketplace Specific Plan     X          
Convert Code Enforcement Files to Digital Format             X  
Demolition of single family residence owned by the Housing Authority (Central Avenue)     X          
Improve Accuracy of City GIS data profile       X        
Prepare an Implementation Plan for the Highland Housing Authority         X      
Convert Planning Division permit tracking system to IWORQ           X    
"Harmony" Specific Plan       X        
Re-evaluate the Business Park and Industrial Zoning District         X      
Review of the Residential Rental Enhancement Program   X            
Items Added by City Council    
Speaker System in Council Chambers   X            
Review Recycling Ordinance     X          
All Apartments/Rentals "Crime Free" required - Ordinance needed for Mandate     X          
Instruct the Street Naming Committee to name a street honoring Col. Paul Greene and to look at a policy for other eligiable candidates X              
Renew and Reconsider Sign on New Police Station X              

To download the above list in PDF format, as well as see a list of all projects presented to the City Council, please click here.