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Electric Lawn Mower Rebate Program

Commercial Electric Lawn and Garden Equipment Incentive and Exchange Program


Community Crime Mapping

SB-272 Compliance

Current Projects

Goal or Objective by Department 2017 2018
Completion Quarter 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
General Government/Public Safety    
Update Personnel Resolution     X          
Compensation and Classification Study         X      
Replace Operation Santa Claus   X            
Purchase of Replacement Breathing Apparatus and Bottles           X    
Purchase of Battery Powered "Combi" Auto Extrication Tool     X          
Purchase of Replacement EKG Heart Monitors           X    
Purchase of Replacement Fire Engine and Disposal of Existing Fire Engine               X
Public Works/Engineering/Public Services    
Implement Strategies to Balance Street Lighting District Budget           X    
Implement Strategies to Balance Landscape Maintenance District Budget           X    
Complete Negotiation of New Solid Waste Franchise Agreement     X          
Implement 5-Year City-Wide Pavement Management Program             X  
Complete Development of the 3rd Street Extension Project               X
Complete Environmental Phase of the "Highland/Redlands Regional Connector" Project             X  
Initiate Development of the City Creek/Alabama Street Bikeway Project               X
Complete Engineering Design and Right-of-Way Acquisition for Base Line Interchange           X    
Complete Environmental Phase of Base Line Bridge over City Creek               X
Complete Project Development to Improve Palm Avenue in the Historic District               X
Establish Drainage Channel Maintenance Program         X      
Develop a Multi-Year Sign Replacement Program             X  
Install New Replacement Play Surface and Equipment in City Parks     X          
Implement Energy-Efficient Lighting Strategies at City Parks and Facilities       X        
Community Development/Planning    
3rd/5th Street Corridor Specific Plan               X
Cargo Container Ordinance X              
Host the Annual Citrus Harvest Festival X       X      
Development Code Update (focus on ambiguities and inconsistencies)       X        
Business Oriented Freeway Sign Program (Greenspot Village and Marketplace Specific Plan)       X        
Highland Housing Authority Implementation Plan (Action Plan)         X      
Plan B HCP - General Plan Land Use Element & Zoning Map Amendments (along Greenspot Road)     X          
Items Added by Council Members    
Work with San Bernardino Unified School District for a Joint Use Park Agreement at Warm Springs and Lankershim Elementary Schools       X        
Continue Safe Routes to School and Sidewalk Program . . . X . . . X
District Reports on Council Agendas X              
Victoria Interchange Off Ramp               X

To download the above list in PDF format, as well as see a list of all projects presented to the City Council, please click here.