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What is Adopt-A-Trail?
Adopt-A-Trail is a stewardship program in which the community is actively involved in the care and maintenance of the City of Highlands Trails System. Volunteers will assist City staff by monitoring and maintaining the City's Trail System. This unique opportunity combines recreation and physical fitness and helps our community continue to thrive.

Who can Adopt-A-Trail?
The City of Highland is looking to local residents, community groups (i.e. scouts, bicycling and horseback riding groups, or running, jogging, or walking groups), and businesses to join us in our efforts.

What is Expected of an Adopt-A-Trail Volunteer?
On a quarterly basis volunteers are asked to assist in the care and maintenance of a City Trail section by:

How long is a volunteers' commitment?
Because this is a volunteer program there is no strict time commitment. However, we encourage volunteers to commit for a full calendar year starting on January 1st. Preference on Trail Sections is given to individuals or organizations that have previously participated in the program.